Author Topic: Can't get 2 wiimotes at once. Need help  (Read 3481 times)

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on: May 28, 2010, 04:11:59 PM
Hey, so I'm new to smoothboard, I'm doing a proof of concept for my workplace, and we are looking to buy it for all our boardrooms for our 4 branch offices.

In my tests, I have the hardware working fine, wiimote syncs and connects, I can run and calibrate smoothboard and it works great. But of course LOS issues with only one wiimote are irritating, so we want to use dual wiimote setup.

When I pair up 2 of them, they both detect in smoothconnect when I do learning mode, it lists their mac addresses, and when I press 1+2 on each wiimote (after setting smoothboard to dual mode) it connects to both. First it shows 2 detected, 0 connected, and then 1 then 2 connected. Both highlight in green. Then it says "Installing" and finally "Running Application". And it launches the app. When it does this, one of the wiimotes (appears to be random) will light the first light solid (up until this point both wiimotes are still blinking). The other will shut off...

Try it again, and it will sometimes be the other way around (other wiimote lit solid and opposite one off).

I tried holding the connect button the whole time through connect, and it didn't help, still does the same thing, only ever connects to one.

Tried disabling auto running of app, it connects to both, and stays that way, at that point it will keep the wiimotes blinking for all eternity in "connected" state, until I run the app. At that point one lights solid, the other dies...

(and of course at this point I get the error can't talk to secondary wiimote).

I've removed+reinstalled the bluetooth dongle, reinstalled drivers, updated drivers, checked HID devices, and so on... Everything in the troubleshooting thread on this forum... Nothing seems to help.

I'm running XP, with latest updates. Nod32 AV is running but not filtering Registry changes, I am the admin on the machine. Using latest version of smoothboard (downloaded today). Using Microsoft Bluetooth Stack with the generic usb dongle (compatible with windows stack without drivers, it's this one here:

Anyway, it's kind of baffling why I can't connect with both wiimotes at once. If anyone can offer any suggestions I would be greatly appreciative. (and if Boon Jin can give me a hand, I'll likely be buying about a dozen licenses of his software lol) ;)


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Reply #1 on: May 28, 2010, 07:46:41 PM

So far I have heard several cases of your problem where the Wiimote connects but could not be used.

Changing to another Bluetooth adaptor seems to solve this issue where only one Wiimote can be connected. Also, maybe you can try your current Bluetooth adaptor on another computer.

You should press and release the 1+2 buttons continuously instead of holding them down.

When you have mentioned that the status of both of the Wiimote's turn green without automatically launching the software, does the status of both Wiimotes stay green indefinitely. Most probably the connection here was already not successful.

You can take a look at the Device Manager's HID list to see whether both Wiimotes have been successfully installed.

It would also be better if you send to us the screenshot of the HID devices to help you troubleshoot the problem.

Boon Jin

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