Author Topic: I have an idea but am not a programmer  (Read 4443 times)

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on: July 06, 2008, 10:46:14 AM
I have been using the whiteboard for a few days and I really want to use it to its fullest as far as replacing the mouse and allowing my working at the PC to be more physical. I thought of this idea where you could have the cursor be a small circle with two or three buttons and a pointer coming out the top or side. This way you could click once to have the cursor appear like it is now, but you could move the pen to whatever button (left or right click) before you released the switch on the pen. Something like this would allow for left clicking without toggle or extra buttons on your pen.

PS. It would be nice if someone designed and manufactured the ultimate whiteboarding pen, with multiple buttons. Right now if I am using the on screen keyboard and I cannot do shortcuts like Shift+cntrl+4 very easily. I am wondering if I should scrap a keyboard and make a small pad that held only keys that I would use for shortcuts. Then if I was working standing up it could easily be strapped to me somehow. I don't know about this I have just been brainstorming to get as good with the pens as I am with a mouse and keyboard.

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Reply #1 on: July 06, 2008, 04:52:29 PM
I have also been designing some sort of menu that you access by drawing a special move

Go and have a look at  NaturalUI and their ingenious menu that pops up - I have several drawings of a similar menues to use with my pen ;)

I also like this kind of menu, but it looks kinda akward to use the hand like that

something similar to BumpTop as well...

mine is probably a mixture of them all ...
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