Author Topic: Idea for multitouch whiteboard software  (Read 5698 times)

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on: August 06, 2008, 01:46:16 PM
Just so the video on the whiteboard software and it blew my mind.

I actually have a question for anyone with some hardware experience. 
Basically I got to thinking that having the wii remote in front of the screen where it can be blocked by ones body and/or body parts, why not put it behind the screen. I know this wouldn't be possible with a crt, but would it be possible to safely strip down an lcd so it could be seen from the rear?

If possible i was thinking you could simply mount the infared camera behind the screen increase its fov (easier said than done i know) and basically make a cheap portable tablet; cheap assuming you dont break anything.

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Reply #1 on: August 13, 2008, 02:37:15 AM
Hi Kaotix

The idea is good with a "transparant" lcd.
The problem with a LCD screen is the required backlight.
A couple of years ago I played with taking a lcd apart, trying to make my own projector.

If you remove the background lightsource you will get a transparant lcd.
It's very hard to see the image on this.
You might be able to replace the lightsource with a white paper and a own lightsource with some distance from the paper.
Then the wiimote should be able to see the IR dots on the paper.

Using the whiteboard software with the wiimote behind the screen should be working with a projector.

Another way to get a better function could be multiple wiimotes.
If the whiteboard software has this support, maybe they could work together.
Then "blocking the view" problem might be a minor problem.