Author Topic: Issue with wii and calibration using smoothboard or java whiteboard  (Read 5447 times)

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Using a wii and connecting to bluetooth, using the java whiteboard or smoothboard, the mouse freezes, and I am unable to calibrate.  Sometimes the  calibration seems to occur even though I have not done any of the calibrating.  The only way to release the mouse is to turn off the wii

The wii is facing the screen directly.  We have an overhead projector, the wii is on a tripod below the overhead projector.

The screen is in front of a set of windows. 

Has anyone had this issue?  Is it solved?

Thanks for your help.

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The outside light from the windows that you have mentioned should be the one causing your issue. For example, if sun light is coming in, the Wiimote will register the IR source to be always on and thus disrupting the calibration and the usability of the software.

A possible solution is to place the Wiimote closer to the screen avoiding the Wiimote from capturing the exposed window. Or you may have to cover the Window. If you are using Smoothboard, depending on the amount of infrared coming in, you can reduce the sensitivity of the Wiimote until these stray IR sources is undetected.

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