Author Topic: Need help figuring how to calibrate the wiimote/programs for the classroom  (Read 3956 times)

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I teach Spec Ed kids and they can really benefit from this technology so I went ahead and proceeded to get everything I needed but now having an issue of getting everything working properly.

I am using a pen from which seems to be a good pen. I am running Windows Vista off my laptop. Bluetooth is being run through bluesoleil.

I am using a white wall as the backdrop for the whiteboard because we do not have whiteboards in our classrooms, rather blackboards so using a wall at the moment. I was thinking that a glossy white poster board might work but didn't know if it would and I wanted to try immediately. I also have the lights on during this time, the ceilings are low.

I have tried to have the remote at different differences from the wall at waist level and then again from above my head level pointed at the wall. Either the remote catches my input and works for a second or it is not following it well at all. I am unable to use the remote and the pen effectively. Had done this at a 90 degree level and a 45 degree level and hasnt worked either way.

If anyone can offer helpful advise I would appreciate it. I am going to work on this when I get home again. I have white walls at home and can try and put the remote at any level and see if I can get it to work there but any helpful hints, suggestions, etc could be helpful. thanks

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Which Wiimote Whiteboard application are you using?
If a windows users download Wiimote Smoothboard, if a Mac user download the Java Whitebaord. Both are available from the downloads section.

The white wall should be fine and your pen is good.

If using Wiimote Smoothboard the visual calbration aid will help you.

Otherwise I suggest starting off with a laptop screen with your wiimote about 1m 45 degrees (on a horizonal plane) and level measured from the centre of the screen and the wiimote pointed directly at the centre of the screen (sight like a gun). Then work up to the large image. I find the best location is to the left (facing screen) of the data projector. This is because I am very raerly using the same location/projector/screen so this just works everytime.

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