Author Topic: Possible to use 2 wiimotes?  (Read 29627 times)

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Reply #30 on: May 19, 2008, 11:14:43 AM
And of course, I had to take the check out whether the whole screen is covered by the Wiimotes. It guess it could be done without much work, but none of my users requested it so far...

Yeah, since the number of users actually having more than 1 Wiimote is quite limited, I hesitate to invest on this idea. But I've got something that is easier to implement and a bit close to your solution:

Here users will have a full-screen window to select the areas in the screen that they want to control. The bars can be created and dragged freely (they can be simple window dividers as commonly seen in most applications), then user will click on the desired areas, which will be numbered automatically.

It is still a bit complicated, but flexible enough to accommodate an unlimited number of Wiimotes.

I've actually never used your Linux Whiteboard. I need to set up some other machine here with Windows and Linux for testing purposes...
One of my users requested the feature to use multiple Wiimotes to cover the screen for a (in my opinion) valid reason.
His screen is large, so he had to put the Wiimote far away. But then his IR pen wasn't bright enough to be picked up by the Wiimote's IR camera.
He wanted to use 2 Wiimotes (closer to the screen), each covering about half of the screen.
See this post for details.

Good point.
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